About our Clearance soaps...

We make a lot of soap. I think it's all really good but sometimes it doesn't sell very well, like our Calendula. Calendula is a wonderful sensitive skin soap that is often recommended for use on babies. It looks great, smells good but it didn't sell well so it has made itself to the Clearance Section. The same is true of of Beeswax Soap, another nice, sensitive skin soap that for some reason people don't buy.

There are also the "factory defects." These are perfectly wonderful soaps that aren't very pretty. We have some Chamomile that smells good and works great, but when we added the botanicals they kind of spread out funny so the bar doesn't look right. Into the Clearance Bin it went. The Vanilla came out kind of bumpy and we have some Beeswax that also cured with a big dent in the middle. Poor Beeswax, it gets no respect.

Then there are the soaps that have some age on them, the scent isn't quite as strong so it's time to let them go to make room for new stock. Also some of our seasonal soaps sort of fit into this category, Wintergreen, Deepwoods and Pet Soap. We don't need to worry about mosquitoes right now and the fleas are heading into hibernation so we can let those go into "the sale". However, they would still make good holiday gifts. 

My least favorite group are the special orders, these are soaps that I made for a customer who changed their mind. That's how Sandalwood got there. So check out the "Clearance" section and Happy Shopping!

Christy Wooddy