A Really Good Massage

 A few weeks ago with a frozen shoulder and a nasty flare up of sciatica, I reluctantly agreed to have my second massage ever. I have to tell you, I wasn't really impressed with my first one, a hot rock special performed at a chain store. I walked away thinking, "What's the big deal?" So I was pleasantly surprised when Wendy did her magic. I left feeling relaxed and contented. Almost immediately I noticed my shoulder felt looser. It took a few days, but the sciatica finally went away. After weeks of pain this was quite a relief.

Now, obviously, I can't have a massage everyday. Good ones aren't cheap and I think I prefer to have it as something special instead of something to take for granted. So I started thinking about what elements of the massage I could replicate. The things I liked the best were the smells, the candle burning, the oils and the feeling of the pressure on my skin. So what do I do with this? Well, I make soap of course!

Let me introduce you to Personal Masseuse Soap. It is made with rosewater, a natural skin toner. It contains relaxing herbs that smell great like sage, lavender and bergamot. It contains chia seeds, which in this soap, are used to exfoliate the skin. A massage in a bar. Give it a try and tell me what you think.

Christy Wooddy