We've Moved!

Ok Folks, we started in the suburbs, moved to the country and now we’re trying city life! Yep, after fifteen years of living the rural life we’re back in the land of food delivery and unlimited internet. Why, you make ask. It really is simple. The farm help grew up and moved away. Our youngest son is in his senior year of college in Indiana. That is almost 10 hours from the farm chores in rural Virginia. Since he is a Theater Arts major I’d say the odds are he’s not coming back except to visit. Cameron, See the note about unlimited internet?

My eldest son, who sometimes helps me with this website, has also moved on to bigger and better things. Whereas, he will help with field cutting and wrestling chickens now and then, he never was happy about it. Rural living was not his thing but he was a good sport about it and I appreciate that.

As most of you may know, almost all farmers today have to have a paycheck job. My husband’s job now takes him out of town four to five days a week. The good thing is we probably talk more during the day than we ever did, you gotta love that Facetime, but not having him physically here is an issue. That left me, my bad back and knees to keep up with twenty acres by myself. The decision wasn’t really that hard. We moved.

But fear not! Many of the herbs moved with me. Another good thing is we now live less then a mile from a thriving farmer’s market where I can buy what I can’t grow. It’s really great because the farmers there are my former neighbors so we can still keep up with the local gossip and maintain those close friendships we made over the years. I like that.

With this move there will be some changes. Hopefully, good ones. If you look over our website you’ll see we’ve added some new products. I’ve been experimenting with different ingredients. We now have a Pineapple Soap made with coconut milk and a Lime Soap made with Coconut Water. You will soon find lip balms and bath salts.

I’m also going to include craft items like quilts and crocheted or knitted wash clothes. I mean really how many scarves does one family need? I donate many items but there are still a lot left over so I might as well sell them right? They will be added soon.

Someone once said, “All change is good.” Well, I don’t know about that, maybe, we’ll see. So we’re on to our next adventure and it’s exciting and yes, it’s a little scary. This moving thing has been stressful and exhausting and I can’t tell you how many, “I’m too old for this shit” moments I’ve had. Did I mention that in the middle of this move I broke my ankle? One more thing, right? But we’re almost done. The cast is off. The house is empty and the barn, garage and craft house will be cleared out this weekend. Next Friday the farm will belong to someone else. I hope the new owner is as happy there as we were.

I’ll try to do better at keeping you updated and don’t forget to write. I’ve missed you guys.

Christy Wooddy