Terms of Service

  1. This is a website for selling soap. Don't use it for anything else.
  2. Don't use our website (wooddlandfarms.com) to sell stuff without our permission.
  3. Don't hack our website to alter it in any way.
  4. Don't hack our website and plant viruses or other crap on it. We can't afford it.
  5. On the off chance we add a comments section, don't be a jerk on it. Just be nice. There aren't that many people paying attention, and we're all sensitive souls.
  6. The soaps we sell are for washing yourself. We aren't liable for what you do outside of that. Or inside of that. We put a complete list of ingredients both here on the site and on the package label.
  7. We have a $5.00 handling charge on all orders.
  8. Be cool.